SevCol September 5th: The Mystery at LC-247b

We are happy to announce the second SevCol event, that will take place on a railway yard in Amersfoort !  A small and agile spaceship will be built using two real-life trains, generously made available by the Stichting Historisch Dieselmateriaal. The ship will be used for an in-game mission to find out what happened to a mining colony on asteroid 4179 Toutatis. What is the reason for the sudden loss of all contact with the colony ? Pirates ? A labour strike ? A corporate takeover ? Or perhaps a catastrophical technical failure ? Join the mission to find out ! It will be a one-day event, focussing on what-you-see-is-what-you-get roleplay in an immersive science-fiction environment.

When ? 

Saturday September 5th from 12:00 till 22:00. The location will be open from 10:30.

Where ?

On the terrain of Eurailscout, at the Piet Mondriaanplein in Amersfoort, near the Rijtuigenloods.  This is only a leisurely 5 minute walk from Amersfoort train station. Furthermore, abundant parking space is available.

What will it cost ?

The price of the event is 25 euro. 

There are special prices for:

  • Student Union or Campus Card holders: 24 euro
  • Members of Fanaat or Pro Deo: 23 euro

The price includes an evening meal, that will be served around 18.00.

If you register or pay after July 28th, the prices will increase by 2,50 euro. If you pay after August 23rd, the price will again increase by 2,50 euro.

Snacks and drinks will be available for purchase with a Stichting Fabel tapkaart, that can be obtained on the event or by sending an e-mail to

How can I join ?

To join the event, you will have to complete the registration form, that will be available from June 22 until August 22. You can join either as a player, in which case you will have to create a character yourself, or as a wild card, in which case we will create a character for you.

If you join as a player, you have three options when creating your character:

  • Bridge crew, part of the team that actually controls the spaceship.
  • Marine, part of a team of military contractor Phalanx assigned to the mission.
  • Passenger, which can be any character, as long as the character has reason and means to join the mission. Businessmen, spies, researchers, union members, investigators, or journalists can all have their own motivations and funding sources, of course

Creating a character is very easy. Just click “Register”on the sidebar of the website. You will be presented with an online form, containg the neccesary questions you need to answer for character creation. After having filled out the form, the gamemasters will do a check on your character, and will let you know if it is OK to play. If your character is approved, it will automatically have an account on SevBook, our in-game social network, that you can use to search for information and contact other characters. You can create as many characters as you like; however, you can only use one of those characters to join the event.

We encourage you to join our Facebook Event, but please keep in mind that this is no official registration for the event.

What kind of rules and/or game system will be used ? 

Please see the Player’s Handbook section on our website. We have added a pdf file of the whole book for your convenience.

What is happening in the Solar System at the moment ? 

We will be posting news updates in the coming weeks, but a nice place to start is the SevCol News Network

What is SevCol, anyway ?

Please refer to our website for more information. 

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