SevCol Academy, March 21st 2015

Dear Larpers,

Stichting Fabel is proud to announce that the SevCol team, following their succesfull roleplay in December, is about to launch their second activity. On Saturday March 21st the second SevCol activity will take place. During this activity, we will not board a spaceship; we have too much that remains to be built before we are able to do that. However, you will be able to try your hand at controlling one.


We will be playing at SevCol Academy, where a Spaceship Bridge Station Simulator is used to train and certify almost all spaceship crew in the Solar System. A major ship owner is looking for a crew for his latest purchase, so if you are looking for a career as a hot-shot space officer, this will be the time to get noticed. Also, the Marine Training Centre and the Space Medicine School are based at the Academy, providing training and certification for aspiring space professionals. But there is more than training going on. Endeavour Computer Systems, the well-known big corporation, has announced a press conference about their recent advances in robotic workforce technology. Since this topic is politically controversial, much interest is expected from scientists, politicians, and businessmen.

To get a better idea about the characters you can play, we gladly refer you to our newly released rulebook, that you can find on the following url:

You can register for the activity as a player, creating your own character, or as a wild card, in which case the game masters will create a character for you.

The price is 15 Euro, including an evening meal. Members of Fanaat and Pro Deo receive a 2 euro discount, Union Card holders receive a 1 euro discount.

Drinks and small snacks will be made available using bar cards (tabkaarten), that you can purchase at the activity.

To register, please complete the registration form:

Any questions, comments, or remarks can be sent to our temporary e-mail

We hope to see you at the Academy!